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Kid's Dentistry at Oakmead Dental Care

Children's dentistry in Chislehurst

Parents often ask us when they should first bring their children to the surgery. Our answer is always the earlier the better, especially where dental knowledge is concerned. Even before your child is born we can start to educate you in aspects of dental care relevant to your baby’s health.

"Good dental health procedures learnt early should stay with your child for life."

One problem has always been how to create a happy and enjoyable environment in which to learn. Well, we have solved that with our play area and with the help of Kirby the chimpanzee.

Kirby features in our interactive multimedia program which communicates the important topics of dentistry to children and their parents. Using positive images of dentistry, this wonderful program shows how first visits to the surgery can be fun, educational experiences far removed from the days of the dreaded school dentist.

Children's dentistry in Chislehurst
Communication is made easy with presentations involving full motion video where adorable animals become the teachers. There’s nothing else in dentistry quite like ‘Kirby’s Tooth Fairy Tales.’ Children just love coming to see us at Oakmead.

Parents also love Kirby’s stories so much that we have difficulty in encouraging them to view their own educational programmes!

New long term studies on children in Sweden show a reduction in decay of up to 65% by following a new hygienist supervised program. Our Smilefile plan is an identical preventive program. It focuses on creating an interesting, happy environment in which your children will benefit by learning how to care for their teeth properly.

It embraces the latest preventive methods that sadly were not available to us as children.

"Remember, children are born free of dental disease"

Members of the plan receive regular advice and instruction on how to prevent fillings in their teeth. Learning is made fun by the use of our outstanding interactive multimedia programme. It adds a wonderful dimension for children and grabs their attention by featuring a real life chimpanzee called Kirby.

Full use is made of fissure sealants, fluoride gel application and fluoride supplements which all add up to strengthening teeth against the risk of decay.