Our Practice: Nervous patients

A change for the better at Oakmead

If we think about it, we all have certain expectations when it comes to our oral health. Our teeth should feel comfortable, enhance our appearance, function properly, be strong enough to endure the forces in the mouth and be easy to look after.

Sounds Easy!

The problem is that most people feel uncomfortable at the thought of a visit to the dentist, usually from a bad previous experience. Others worry because they have not visited a dentist for a long time and they feel that it is too late or they are too embarrassed by the state of their teeth.

Don't Worry, We Understand and Welcome Nervous Patients

Most new patients to Oakmead comment upon how relaxed they feel after their first visit. They particularly like the fact that we spend a lot of time with them, giving them clear explanations and fully involving them in their treatment options.

Educating our patients to maintain good oral health at home is one of our guiding principles. Our other guiding principles are those of integrity, choice, value and quality.