Our Practice: Educating patients

Your Dental Health Matters At Oakmead Dental Care

Gone are the days when a dentist pronounced a verdict on your treatment after a cursory explanation and perhaps a sketch on the back of a tissue box.

At Oakmead, we recognise the importance of good communication. We make sure that you are fully involved and able to make an informed decision with regard to your treatment options.

We have installed a DVD patient education system that uses full motion video and stunning computer graphics to make even the most complex of treatments easy to understand. You are thus educated to understand the principles of any treatment and can clearly see the outcomes of all the modern options available before you decide to go ahead.

This system also forms an integral part of our Smilefile plan which aims for no fillings in children’s teeth. It adds a wonderful dimension for children and grabs their attention by featuring a real life chimpanzee called Kirby, and his canine terrier friends. Kirby is an incredible animal actor who features in a unique, creative movie, which tells the story of preventive dental care.