Jill Hopkins - Dental Hygienist

CEB (UK) 1989

GDC NO. 3807

Jill Hopkins

Jill joined the practice as soon as Andrew took over. She has a personal, caring approach, alongside exceptional skills in treating a broad spectrum of conditions associated with gum health.

She has an extremely keen interest identifying links between periodontal disease and systemic conditions commonly seen today. She prides herself on providing effective treatments and in particular, helping educate patients of all ages in all areas of gum health. Her clear passion for her work ensures she provides effective, evidence based preventative treatments and oral health education. Her caring and sensitive manner ensures her patients are at ease whilst assisting them to understanding the importance about disease prevention.

She is only too aware that many patients have suffered at the hands of other hygienists who are unsympathetic and very patronizing in the way they deliver their care. Rest assured that you will experience a refreshing approach from Jill.

When not at work Jill will either be found providing a taxi service for her two boys or in training for the next running challenge.